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Venezuela’s National Guard and “el chino de RECADI…”

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26 Mar. 04 – Once upon a time there was a huge corruption scandal in RECADI, which served in former times as a political foreign exchange mechanism. When the bubble burst all the white collars robbers involved walked away with nice balances in their foreign current accounts. Awkwardly enough –justice then was as blind as it is today- the only person charged and sent to prison was the doorman of the infamous RECADI building or otherwise known as "el Chino de RECADI."

In contrast we have heard the statements given yesterday by a rather disgraceful Ombudsman, whereby he confirms that Venezuela’s National Guard had indeed overstepped their power and had torture and brutally repressed protesters, which demonstrates quite clearly that the regime has found the scapegoat for the case of human rights violations that does not seem to fade away. He went further downplaying accusations by opposition parties regarding the existence of political prisoners in the country.

I will not comment on the faith of Carlos Melo or major-in-hiding Henrique Capriles Radonski but rather on other less famous political captives as Luis Perez Amoros (my wife’s uncle), Pedro Vasquez or Rodrigo Alegrett. As I write this notes they remain locked for no legal reason, lest of course one is to believe that the course of justice in Venezuela nowadays is worth trusting. In the particular case of Perez Amoros El Helicoide [DISIP HQ (political police)] has become his new residence, until when? Nobody knows. Since I am no English-ignorant-female-advocate, who seem to be easy prey of the propaganda put forth by the regime vis-à-vis the nowhere-to-be-found progress brought about by Hugo Chavez’ revolution, I would like to invite publicly Venezuela’s Ombudsman or any other representative of the people to explain why the file that was presented by the prosecution, i.e. the State, was dated on the 26th of February when in fact Luis Perez Amoros, Pedro Vasquez and Santiago Monteverde were detained on the 29th of February. Why the prosecution have recourse to articles from a derogated military code to build up the case against the said detainees. Why Justice Deyanira Nieves commented about the impossibility of releasing Perez Amoros owing to the fact that a brother of his was the pilot of Carlos Andres Perez 30 years ago.

For the aforesaid I can not believe one single word that comes out of the chavista inanity propagating machine. Polarised? Opinionated? Stupid? Perhaps I am, but in light of the human degeneration so characteristic of Venezuelan officials I do believe that it does not exist the possibility of resolving this situation through dialogue. Not because we do not want to compromise or to speak to our enemies –yes they have become the country’s enemies- but rather because our enemy does not understand such subtleties. The Prince’s principle is in order. The nation owes it to the death, the tortured, the illegally detained and the prosecuted.

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