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Venezuela: Electoral Justice Takes a Stand...

By Miguel Octavio

The Electoral Chamber of the Venezuela's Supreme Court took a very strong stand today when it issued a communiqué signed by its President Alberto Martini, where it ratifies that its role its to consider all cases relating to referenda processes and declaring that the request by the Constitutional Chamber to hand over all of its files was not valid.

In its communiqué the Electoral Chamber reminds the Constitutional one that its decision to look into the referendum injunctions simply does not exist. The Electoral Chamber also reminds the other one that independently of the injunctions reaching the Constitutional Chamber, the Electoral one will continue knowing about all cases having to do with referenda.

In the press release the Electoral Chamber cites Article 60 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court which says that all decisions have to be signed by all Justices independent of whether they have subscribed the decision or not as long as the number of those signing constitutes four fifths of the Justices of the said Chamber. Thus, the decision by the Constitutional Chamber needs to be signed by four Justices.

The Electoral Chamber also reminded the Constitutional one that that there was no quorum, which was ratified by affidavits from two of the Justices of that Chamber that did not participate.

Well, Dr. Martini has proven he has some b…, I am glad someone still has them to stand up to these sorry examples of Justices in the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

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