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Venezuela's Tarek Saab threatened protesters in Oxford

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11 Mar. 04 - One of the benefits of having a good memory is that one can confront the pathological liars with past actions. As such, I would like to show to Vcrisis readers the respectful-towards-dissent attitude of Venezuela’s new found human rights champ MVR assemblyman Tarek William Saab. The picture was taken in the city of Oxford (UK) on Oct. 17th 2002 and Mr Saab’s profile and fist can be seen -right next to the 'honourable' former foreign secretary Roy Chaderton- rather menacing towards one of the protesters who was just banging a pot. If such behaviour was seen in Oxford, how can they convince the world that they do respect human rights or dignity of opponents in their own turf?

The country’s Ombudsman is another such chronic and mentally unstable prevaricator. He had the cheek to get on a plain and go visit US officials (I would have thought they were the enemy…) to convince them that there are not political prisoners in Venezuela. Well loyal to my irreverent stance here’s a challenge for members of Chavez’ regime. Luis Guillermo Perez Amoros is at this moment prisoner in El Helicoide (DISIP’s HQ in Caracas), Santiago Monteverde and Pedro Vasquez share the same conditions. Why were they taken to Fuerte Tiuna? Why were they kept incommunicado? Why the prosecution presented a 15 page file dated three days prior to their detainment? Why the prosecution made use of derogated articles of a military code to build the case against them? Why justice Deyanira Nieves Bastidas expressed that she would not set him free for specific orders from Hugo Chavez and Jose Vicente Rangel prevented her from so doing due to the fact that he was Carlos Andres Perez’ pilot 30 years ago, which by the way he was not?

Furthermore there is a rather long list of political prisoners, missing persons, tortured and assassinated hosted right here. Why don't you, Mr Ombudsman, broadcast a live show with these people in Venezolana de Television say tomorrow morning in beach gear? That would be quite easy, wouldn't it? Why don't you ask Carlos Izcaray or Rodrigo Alegrett or Diego Urdaneta to expose their torsos in this Sunday's 'Alo Presidente'?

Lastly I must congratulate the independent reporters at Vheadline, Venezuelanalysis and other acute analysts for keeping the world informed about the trickeries and distortions that the regime is planning. Keep up the good work and please keep those official leads coming!!

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