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The Chavez propaganda machine rolls in and out of Venezuela...

By Daniel Duquenal

...and it hits a few bumps along the way! The Chavez propaganda machine rolls inexorably, or so it seems. I already pointed out that Aporrea had access to picture taking not available to us bloggers. But apparently Aporrea has also access to pictures of autopsies, just like the TV series CSI. I wonder if that is legal, incidentally, though aware that some people in Venezuela are more legal than others.

Well, Aporrea has a story where one of the victims of the repression was actually shot with a marble. Supposedly the marble would have been shot THROUGH his body by a home made gun. And by an opponent. OK, so what is wrong with this story? And I will spare you the gruesome pics and the link, you can find Aporrea in my table next if you feel like vomiting. What is wrong is that it strains belief that a marble can go through the body of a chubby man, It strains belief that the opposition, accused by Chavez of hoarding who knows what, cannot buy real guns in a country where all is up for sale.

And last, it strains morality that Aporrea specifies that the shot man, Mr. Jose Vila, to hold a Spanish passport . But I should not be surprised, Aporrea is following the stalino-fascist approach of the Defense Minister that I mentioned a couple of days ago (Is Venezuela still my country?).

Meanwhile a clean faced Mr. Izarra was trying to minimize the diplomatic defection from the UN seat held by Milos Alcalay. Mr. Izarra is the son of one of the initial Chavez supporters, who fell into disgrace and now desperately tries to find a job in the administration. The younger Izarra was declaring to CNN as the spokesperson of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. I was not impressed even if he tried to look as cute as possible. For one, his speech was not as fluid and polished as one would wish for such a position (heck! Washington IS THE EMBASSY for any Venezuelan on the diplomatic corps and one would expect the very best there!!!!). But what was worse is that his resentment, his profound dislike of the opposition was shining through his words. Not very diplomatic for a CNN declaration when you are supposed to try to look good.

I heard on Globovision that the Chavez personnel in Spain was trying to make a presentation to the Spanish press, so they would get the "real story". Unfortunately someone else from Venezuela showed up bringing the house down. I do not know really how true is that incident, but it resemble a lot previous such events so I will succomb to the tentation of taking it at face value and not even bother look for references.

A good reference though I lifted from Miguel's blog where a link to the Guardian gives you the complete story of the inexistent Emiliano Chavez that turned out to be alive and well. What is noteworthy here is that the Guardian has been supporting Chavez for quite a while... Times change it seems. And I wonder if the British ambassador reads the Guardian. I am sure the story is circulating in diplomatic circles tonight.

Curiously all of this coincided with an article of the ineffable Juan Forero reporting nicely on "independent media". I understand that the article is on these community media but Forero could not resit the temptation to stick the opposition with a needle or two, while forgetting once again to mention cadenas, for example. I am not even giving the link, it is in today's New York Time and I cannot jump everythime Forero writes. I am starting to think that Chavez has cast some spell on Forero. Who, incidentally forgot to mention the defection of a Cuban that had been assigned to help develop these community radio. If Mr. Forero had done his job right he would have talked with the mainstream media and surely would have found out about this strongest of criticism leveled at community radios financed by Chavez at tax payer money. As Scott points out in Burton Terrace.

But back to cadenas and the propaganda campaign at home. Chavez treated us to a cadena tonight in honor to "international women's day". One of the highlights was saying that today there were more and more women in Venezuela. As if his administration had something to do with it... I kid you not.

Finally the front pages of the two local Yaracuy papers as the way of reporting the news from the huge march, by Yaracuy standards, of yesterday. I have surrounded in red the news attacking Lapi, the Yaracuy governor. I have circled in blue the news of the march that in both case can only be favorable since it was for all to see. Look at the centimeter allotted and decide which is the paper that is pro Chavez and anti Lapi. Quite simplistic an approach, isn't it?

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