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Venezuela: Let the cover up begin

By Miguel Octavio

The Government has begun its attempt to cover up the violence of the last ten days. Today we heard retired general Lucas Rincon, who told the world on April 11th. that Chavez had resigned (thus we know he is a liar, whether it was true or not) say that all of what happened in the last ten days is an attempt to lower the prestige of the Government. Curiously Lucas Rincon reported “only” 111 injured, none missing, versus the opposition’s numbers of 10 missing and 1450 injured.

Then, there was the investigative pole saying that Jose Vila who you saw running away from the National Guard and the Military Police was killed by his own friends of Gente del Petróleo with a marble used as bullet in a homemade gun. Moreover, the investigative police said that Vilas himself was firing.

Well, there are a few interesting things about these statements. First of all, in the pictures you see Vilas running, no guns in his hand. Then you see him dead, his backpack still on. Second, between him and the National Guard there is nobody, the street is empty, just empty space between him and the Guards/police.

Finally, there is this article in today’s paper on how the Guards and the military destroyed evidence before leaving, nobody from the Attorney general’s office has been there and the investigative police made some measurements but did not interview any of the dozens of witnesses. What for? They already knew what to say.

Thus, the conclusion is, according to the investigative police, that none of the deaths can be blamed on the National Guard (What about DISIP and other forces) and a General also said (cant find the link) that the Guard only had plastic bullets. Thus, all of those guys with assault weapons in my pictures and yesterday’s El Universal were simply fake.

In one month, the Chavez Government will be talking about when the opposition tried to overthrow Chavez by attacking the National Guard! We have seen that movie before, as the local saying goes!

While it is possible that one case may be an accident and not a killing by the Government, I would like to point out that Yormi Suarez was killed in Altamira with a shot from Torre Britanica. Now this is the report by the Government:

The deceased is believed to have received a shot from the Britannica Tower or the old Altamira Cinema building, from where shots were being fired at the National Guard. A test was done to determine if the deceased had fired a weapon, which came out positive, and most likely determines with certainty that the deceased had fired a weapon, although it is unknown whether it was in defense or attacking someone.

However, as shown in numerous movies, TV transmissions and pictures Torre Britannica was occupied by the national guard on the second day of violence and TV station Globovision actually showed gunmen on the of that building with assault rifles, now the Government says only plastic bullets were being used.

A Government of liars and total impunity.

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