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A good day in Caracas streets, as Venezuela condemns violation to Human Rights

By Daniel Duquenal

06/03/2004, real late - Everything went fine in what I think has been one of the biggest marches ever to hit the streets of Caracas, in spite of the scare tactics of the Chavez administration. Plus at least 2-3 more marches inside Venezuela!

I left from the Chuao starting point (El Universal has a simple but cute interactive feature). The attendance was so heavy that we could only make it to the first third of the Libertador Avenue (see map in feature). There we decided to go back. We had a pleasant surprise, the adjacent streets were full of people coming back, as full as if it were a parallel march. I rate this march as perhaps as big as the one in October 2002, that is possibly reaching the million mark. No evaluation has been given yet but the images from a high rise next to the stand on the Libertador Avenue show a really impressive extension, something that chavismo has never been able to create on VTV!

Unfortunately the route did not give me a good vantage point for taking good pictures. I am just putting two, one that gives you an idea of what it is to march in a beautiful Caracas days with the view of the mountains Avila (just leaving Chuao) and another colorful one at the corner of the Solano. At that point, by the way, the march was so packed that half of it split to the Libertador avenue instead of taking the scheduled route through the Solano. Both ways were equally full of people! But to no end as the tightly packed Libertador forced us to return and face the crowdest subway ride I ever had in Caracas.

Amusing note in closing: as I am watching the news I heard the story of Emiliano Chavez. Chavez, the president, in his cadena to the diplomatic corps yesterday mentioned Emiliano has a proof of the megafraude. According to Chavez, Mr. Emiliano Chavez does not exist. TV tonight is showing a live and kicking Emiliano, a nice country man.

Really Hugo, if there is indeed such a megafraud by the opposition, can't your guys get you a more convincing and definitive proof? I know, I know, one cannot get good help these days! Tell me about that!

Meanwhile, what are you going to say to the ambassadors that you held captive for hours?

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