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Venezuela: Torture and brutal repression by the army

By Valentina R. Balucani

Last monday 1st of March 2004 my brother in law, together with some friends were just going out of his house when 2 trucks of the National Guard appeared with 15 guards each one. They started to hit him just there and then they forced him into one of the trucks. In the truck they keep hiting him, furthermore they dropped a tear gas bomb inside the truck (all the GN's were wearing masks).

After that they drove to Cota Mil, while they keep hitting him. Once there the guards saw cars coming and the driver said that they needed to go; in that moment one of the guards said that he would shot Diego, but since the driver was in a hurry he did not do it.

After that they just left him on the high way, and he was picked up by the police (we have no names to thank them), and he was taken to the hospital.

After one hour he was found by the police and they took him to a Hospital in Caracas.

The doctors have said that he is alive due to his physical complexity because what they did to him was more than enough to brake half of the bones of the body of a normal person.

His name is Diego Urdaneta, and can be contact to his email address Alternatively my sister can be contacted Victoria Rodriguez de Urdaneta:

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