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Haiti has got rid of the tin pot dictator, Venezuela is next!!

By Aleksander Boyd

London 29 Feb. 04 – Cowards hide in holes or flee, that’s customary nowadays isn’t it? Jean Bertrand Aristide left Haiti for good, apparently, early this morning. The country has been rocked by escalating violence that commenced in the interior towns and villages some three weeks ago and moved closer to Port-au-Prince. As old Haitian politicians and mercenaries seized the opportunity to get back to the thick of things, Aristide did a Chavezque manoeuvre, abandoning the country when his personal safety was at peril. Mind you that was Chavez allegedly intended to do on April 11 2002. Military sources and the late Monsignor Velazco have expressed in various occasions that when faced with the stark reality of imprisonment and expulsion from the presidency the modern day South American Liberator asked first to be sent to ‘daddy’ –Castro that is- and secondly cried for his life to Monsignor Velazco.

There is something very worrisome about the whole Haitian issue and that is this ‘sending of troops to protect…’ by the USA, Canada and France. Are they going to protect the people of Haiti the same way they are protecting Iraqies? When will the powerful nations come to the understanding that self-determination must be respected?

Well, take a long hard look to what happen to Aristide Chavez, for sooner or later you will have to leave Venezuela too. The CNE will eliminate the amount of signatures required to block the recall referendum; that is a fact. They will come up with some unconstitutional and illegal method to verify the signatures which ought not to be respected or endorsed by those who have signed. Quite frankly it is rather obvious that as long as the opposition continues gathering signatures and transiting the democratic path Hugo Chavez and his minions will invent new technicalities to prevent a referendum. Chavez does not want to go through that process for he knows he will be democratically ousted. So the only realistic option that the people of Venezuela have to get rid of this miserable individual is adopting and enforcing articles 333 and 350 of the Constitution and rebel against this illegitimate government.

Riots are starting to spread across Venezuela. A revolution a la Haiti is on the way, so start stacking your bags with dollars criminals for your honeymoon with power is coming rapidly to an end.

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