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50.000 Venezuelan soldiers to protect the freedom warrior…

By Aleksander Boyd

London 27 Feb. 04 – Bloomberg’s Alex Kennedy reports from Caracas that 50.000 soldiers have been called out to protect the leaders assisting to the G-15 summit held in that city, although a more truthful definition would be G-6 but that’s beyond the argument. An impressive military contingency operation to protect freedom warriors armed with continental liberating swords, isn’t it?

Hugo Chavez is scared shitless, that’s a fact, or else why such an unnecessary deployment of military force? Who is ensuring today that the borders of the country are safe and inhabitants of those areas are protected from Colombian terrorists? Is it by leaving the door wide open that he will repel the widely expected US invasion? Or is it a trap and Bernal and Lina Ron will summon the Bolivarian fighters to ambush American soldiers in Puente Llaguno? No one has the answers to these questions for nobody knows for certain what’s the plan of the criminal and illegitimate president; lest of course that he will not abandon peacefully the presidency. One thing is rather obvious though, Venezuelans better look to other places for referenda.

One can only trample on people’s dignity for so much, thus violence is in my opinion imminent, not owing to the opposition’s antics but rather to those of the government. There are three individuals out of a total population of 24 million that can spare the country from civil war. Their names are Francisco Carrasquero, Jorge Rodriguez and Oscar Battaglini. According to one of the laws of the country (Venezuelan Organic Law of Public Administration Art. 8) “all public servants are obliged to abide and to enforce the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The public servants incur into administrative, penal or civil liability, depending on the particular case, if decisions ordered or executed by them violate or encroach on the rights guaranteed by Law and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. To follow orders shall not serve as excuse for the commitment of such acts.”

As expected none of the glitterati hired by Chavez have sent a reply to yesterday’s challenge for one simple reason; they have no way of countering such a simple question. Unfortunately the CNE directors have also evidenced total disregard for laws and statutes. They continue profiting from people’s ignorance to sell their case of a mega fraud. Should the international community fail in forcing Chavez to abide to the constitution and respect the will of the people havoc is going to break, resulting in many casualties. It is a stark scenario however still avoidable. All it is needed is for CNE officials to respect the law and let the people decide.

In the meanwhile 50.000 soldiers will not be able to conceal from the international community the massive discontent of the people of Venezuela and Bolivar’s sword will not save Chavez’ political persona…

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