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A challenge to Venezuela’s savants

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26 Feb. 04 – The chavista inanity-propagating machinery has been quite occupied lately, actually is overheating. A considerable amount of ‘acute’ opinions have been published in pro-Chavez sites on the internet about coups, conspiracy theories, US intentions of invading Venezuela, NED grants to Sumate, the FOIA, the bestseller racial hatred, class war, George Bush and cabinet members assassinating innocent marchers in Puente Llaguno on April 11 2002, Chavez et al respect for democracy, Chavez' outstanding popularity and so on. Some of the obscure commentators even disqualify opinions of intellectuals of high calibre such as Carlos Alberto Montaner. One of them, being allegedly a native English speaker, did not know the meaning of some rather simple words; so much for their self-appointed cerebral capacities…

Since I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist I won’t dwell on it, however I would like to make an open challenge to the Chavez-apologist squad from ‘Professor Emeritus’ Michael A. Lebowitz to ‘independent reporter’ Roy Carson including of course ‘Latin American experts’ such as Marta Hannecker, Marc Weisbrot, Richard Gott and of course ‘impartial’ news reporter such as BBC’s Jaime Menendez, Fulbright scholars are also invited. Fear not Einsteins it is a simple one; following there is a list of sites containing laws and statutes –apologies to the language impaired- all belonging to the government of Venezuela. If you can come up with one single article in any of those laws that in any way contemplates anything about HAVING TO FILL OUT ALL THE INFORMATION BY ONESELF or allows the CNE to cast a trace of doubt on the legitimate good intention on the part of the citizenry in requesting referenda I shall cede to any one of you total and indefinite control of this site, which I am sure is a nuisance to some of you.




Since you all represent quite faithfully the ideology and doctrine of Chavez I will assume, as he does, that everyone is guilty until proven innocent. As such, I very much doubt that you will produce a coherent and sensible response to this challenge, as a matter of fact taking into account the amount of crap that you publish continuously about Venezuela I firmly believe that you are not only completely disregardful of the laws of the land moreover your acquiescence with the regime must come with a hefty price tag.

Needless to say that to expect decency and honesty from you would be equal to, in respect to possibility of occurrence, seeing Chavez resigning…

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