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Venezuela: AFP teams up with BBC in misinformation campaign

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15.02.04 - Thousands of Venezuelans took to the street yesterday to protest the delay of the National Electoral Board (CNE) in concluding the signature verification process [a decision about the recall referendum should have been taken according to statutes by Friday 13]. Violating law and statutes the CNE's chavista majority -composed by Carrasquero, Battaglini and Rodriguez- continues to produce new rules and regulations everyday. The BBC reported yesterday -falsely as it has become customary- that the CNE board has three directors. One must wonder what happened to Ezequiel Zamora and Sobella Mejias. Furthermore they posted, yet again, statements by Richard Gott who has characterized himself for being a fan of Hugo Chavez.

AFP's Caracas information bureau joined the misinformation campaign going into much subjective analysis about what took place yesterday. It comes as no surprise taking into consideration the sympathetic eyes with which Hugo Chavez is seen by France's main media.

Images and local testimonies are quite self-explanatory. In this sense I would strongly reccomend the readers of this site to trust the analysis of the bloggers Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal and read what they have to say about the event.

Best picture of the day!!

White elitist oligarchs marching for the referendum near La Charneca

More blue-blooded coupmongers..

The rich classes are getting more numerous...

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