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Venezuela: more than 1 million demand transparency to the CNE

By Aleksander Boyd

London 14.02.04 – Sources within the rally report than more than 1 million people are marching peacefully towards the CNE to demand transparency and celerity in the validation of the signatures. Allegedly Sumate [the perfectly well oiled opposition machinery to oust Chavez…] have set up an operation whereby in 19 different points along the rally, certified copies of personal signatures containing registry details will be given to those wishing to get them. It is rather astonishing to see how efficiently have those 54K been spent.

Hugo Chavez et al on the other hand continue incessantly with their little song about Mega fraud –their subconscious probably voicing concerns- further he expressed that he will take the issue to the Supreme Court should the Electoral Board decide to grant the recall referendum under such conditions. His intention has been to block the referendum all along and now that the public outcry, at a local and international scale, has become unbearable he recourses to the only “democratic” way out which is the Supreme Court.

Little international preoccupation has produced the fact that the Constitutional Hall of the highest tribunal ruled recently in favour of the parliamentary approval of 12 new justices via simple majority. This trashes all vestiges of independence and separation of powers in Venezuela for, it is a known fact that that is the only way in which the slim majority held by Chavez’ party in congress could appoint a hand-picked group of judges to the Supreme Court [overall majority was necessary up until the absurd ruling]. Ergo by the time the CNE finishes the verification process and sets the stage for the recall Chavez will introduce his proofs of Mega fraud before a Court which effectively will be totally subdued by him with the help of the 12 new members. In my view not before that moment can Venezuelans expect any decision by the CNE; if the president can not fight in the highest court of the land his permanence in power –a trial that could last well over 2 years- decisions will not be taken in favour of the recall by the subservient majority of the Electoral Board.

International pressure must continue; in that sense Lula expressed serious concerns about the deterioration of the situation and European politicians are deeply worried about the potential chaos that will result if Chavez does not allow the referendum. As we have been saying all along there is only one obstacle between participatory democracy and the Venezuelan people [of whatever political tendency]; Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias that is. In the meanwhile about 1 million fascists are peacefully requesting to participate…

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