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By Haiti Democracy Project

Miami, Florida, February 7, 2004 – On the 18the anniversary of what should have been the end of dictatorship in Haiti, Haitians today are facing another arbitrary, autocratic government. The Aristide regime is systematically violating human rights, destroying civil society, ignoring the fundamental principles of the separation of powers enshrined in the Haitian constitution of 1987, and is pushing the country toward civil confrontation.

Tens of thousands of Haitian citizens have taken to the streets in recent weeks to peacefully demonstrate against President Aristide’s repeated attacks on the free press, the university, opposition parties and civil society.

The country is now on the brink of political, economic, ecological and social chaos. Four years of tireless national and international mediation efforts have been met with intransigence and blatant bad faith on the part of President Aristide.

It is now time for action.

The Haitian American community joins its brothers and sisters in Haiti, students, religious leaders, and members of civil society throughout Haiti in condemning:

- the state-sponsored violence against students and demonstrators,

- the imprisonment of Haitian citizens without due process

- the systematic violation of human rights and political rights guaranteed by the Haitian constitution

- the systematic destruction of the judiciary and legislative institutions

- acts of repression against all the media

- the use of “chimères” or thugs to repress the masses

- the illegal intrusion of the police force in churches, schools and hospitals and

- all attempts to suppress the people‘s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence of 1804 and the Universal Declaration of Human rights of 1948.

Through his abuse of power and disregard for constitutional rule of law, President Aristide has broken faith with the very people who elected him. President Aristide was elected to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. During his tenure, President Aristide failed to do either. He has violated his covenant with the Haitian people. Therefore all Haitians, in Haiti and in the Haitian Diaspora, have a responsibility to stand up for their rights and even call for President Aristide’s resignation.

The Haitian American community believes that the only way to break the impasse, restore democratic government and provide a peaceful and prosperous future for all Haitians is for President Aristide to place the future of our country before his own interests.

The Haitian American community also calls upon all Haitians – including those within the Haitian government and the United States who seek true democracy – to unite and work together to build democratic institutions and strengthen civil society such that the ideals of February 7, 1986 will finally become a reality.


Civic and Professional Organizations

Haitian-American Doctors Association

Haitian-American Nurses Association

Haitian-American Engineers and Scientist Association

Alliance of Haitian American Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization

Coalition for the Advancement and Development of Haiti (CADH)

Movement for National Unity (MOUN)

Haitian American Republican Club of South Florida (HARC)

National Coalition for Human Rights (NCHR)

Society of Haitian-American Professionals and Entrepreneurs (SHAPE)

Patriote Unis Pour la Démocratie en Haiti (PUDH)

Organization for the Protection of Haitian Rights (OPHR)

League of Young Haitian-American Professionals (LIJECH)

Haitian American Nationalists for Democracy (HAND)

Haitian Democracy Project (HDP)


HACHO of South Florida Community Outreach Health Organization

Parti Social Chrétien D’Haiti (PSCH)

Haitian Organization of Women of Miami

Haitian Alternate Liberté Travaille Espoire (HALTE)

Haiti for All

National Association for the Advancement of Haitian Descendants (NAAP)

Civic and Professional Organizations

Haitian-American Republican Caucus

Syndicate des Magistrats a L’étranger

Coalition for Justice

Coalition des Forces Civiques et Morales de Miami

Association of Police Officers Living Abroad

FIU Student Organization

American Foundation Liberty and Democracy (AFLD)

Organization for the Protection of Haitian Rights (OPHR)

Haitian-American Alliance for Progress (HAPP)

Exotic Haitian Enterprises, Inc.

Forgotten Children of Haiti

Artists /Musicians


Sweet Mickey

Lolo, Boukman Esperyans

Radio Club Culturelle


Pasteur Gornel Joseph, Bereca I and II

Rev. J. Bonhomme,

Haven of Pasteur Jacques O. Michel

Radio/T.V. Personalities


Carine Sylvain

Leslie Jacques

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