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Hugo Chavez' latest show

By Sol Maria Castro,

Aló Presidente #181. During his Sunday radio and television show, this week broadcast from the Venezuelan Bolivarian University campus in Zulia State, President Hugo Chávez:

o ratified the government’s intention of respecting whatever decision the CNE makes as to the fate of the recall referendum, and challenged the opposition to do likewise. He insisted on recommending the opposition not to despair, and to go to the TSJ if they do not agree with the decision. He warned them that his government will respond civilly and militarily if it rejects the final decision of the CNE, and backed Infrastructure Minister Diosdado Cabello in his comment that the CNE may "eliminate two million signatures if necessary."

o insisted he will show the proof of the opposition’s fraud and irregularities in his Sunday show, and maybe to the international press using a compulsory simultaneous broadcast.

o accused the opposition's leaders of promoting international intervention, especially from the United States and the Organization of American States, and Súmate and other NGOs of receiving money from the US according to documents downloaded from the Internet ($60,000 in the case of Súmate). “Ah, wonderful! This company Súmate has received dollars from the United States to back all these attempts to oust Chávez. How good it would be that the Democrat candidates had these documents, that maybe they will because they are in the Internet, for the electoral campaign that started in that country! How good that the American people see how their money is sent through institutions created by the American government to Súmate or some NGOs in Venezuela to oust Chávez.

o welcomed former National Guard CORE 2 head, General Luis Acosta Carlés, who argued he was “not the future governor of Carabobo, but the de facto governor” as he has been attending to the needs of the people since he was in CORE 2.” President Chávez suggested the Carabobo Battlefield could be used to install a Bolivarian University campus in the state. (NB: For those who cannot place the character, General Acosta Carles was the one who raided the Coca-Cola depot during the civic strike in December, and the one under whose orders, National Guardsmen hit women and workers during the protest that ensued)

o referred to the achievements of the markets Mercal, and informed they can now operate from within the houses (Mercal II). In this “new economic model”, he said the alimentary production goes from the take-over of depots and silos that had been abandoned or in the hands of dealers to the storage centers of Casa and Mercal, to the neighborhood markets and houses.

o confirmed rumors of the appointment of Venezuelan Ambassador to France, Jesús Pérez, as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will have his debut during the G-15 Summit later this month.

o announced the building of the new Western Bolivarian Aqueduct in Falcón State with a credit from China.

o claimed CADIVI will make sure the forex control is more flexible, but guaranteed it will not be lifted.

· said his government will welcome the 61% of businessmen who want to get away from FEDECAMARAS, according to a Seller survey published by Panorama, a Zulia State pro-government newspaper.

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