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Hugo Chavez' Megafraud

From El Universal

Without a strong counterweight from the country's democratic leaders, President Hugo Chávez' regime is skillfully constructing an absurd discourse around the idea of an electoral "megafraud." Unfortunately, the fraud is somewhere else, and we need to understand it at this crucial moment for the survival of our liberties.

The fraud is in the current imbalance in public powers and despotism that results in powers submissive to the ruler's will, ignoring collective interests.

The fraud is in the dominating impunity triggered by the established powers acting or refraining from acting depending on the interests of the regime.

The fraud is in the National Assembly's repeated and arbitrary reform to the procedures and debate rules, technically freezing the parliament, only to accelerate the passing of totalitarian laws, while the country still awaits a reform to the social security law.

The fraud is in decreeing the future bankruptcy of all Venezuelans, who will have to face a maxi devaluation as a consequence of the demented domestic public debt obscurely increased during the last five years.

The fraud is in the preaching about nationalism and sovereignty while the residents of borderline areas are abducted and murdered by irregular groups, and Fidel Castro guides the national government.

The fraud is in confiscating the guns of the municipal police forces with the approval of other public powers, despite the merciless killing of 42,000 citizens in five years.

The fraud is in speaking of human rights when death squads proliferate and nightmarish massacres occur in the prisons; or speaking of morality and honesty while corruption springs up.

The fraud is in changing the Criminal Code, like a Trojan Horse, to ambush the country's dissidents. In few words, the fraud is in making lie a State policy.

However, the "megafraud" is in tricking the will of millions of Venezuelans who have jumped over immense obstacles to find a peaceful, democratic way out of this nightmare.

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