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Open letter to Nick Hall, Editor of TV Today

By Aleksander Boyd

London 05.02.04 - As a Venezuelan who has been fighting relentlessly against the biased and nonsensical information published constantly by the BBC in regards to my homeland [Venezuela] I feel obliged to express my utmost gratitude for having published Mrs Melchor's letter, which is just one in the sea of complaints that have been sent to the Programme Complain Unit. Only three days ago I had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Phillip Abrahams of the PCU in which I requested an explanation regarding the delay that the BBC has had with respect to our right to reply to be respected. He promised to send a letter by the end of the week, one can only hope that such promise will not be void as similar ones made by Amnesty International…

As you may know the BBC is the co-producer of the propagandistic film "The revolution will not be televised" and as such they have ignored completely our genuine request to show the other side of the story. In my role of editor of an informational website I have commented on this issue quite extensively, alas no one seems to be interested. Fortunately Lord Hutton has brought a great deal of attention upon the nefarious journalistic practices of the BBC and although, as rightly pointed by Mrs Melchor, the British public may feel at this stage that the government should have been criticised equally or greatly, the BBC being the underdog, for Venezuelans is a completely different story.

None of the reports produced by the BBC about Venezuela lately have been cross-examined or analysed, furthermore the majority of the journalist opining on the subject have proclaimed openly their admiration for Hugo Chavez. How can they claim impartiality and integrity afterwards is something that escapes me. Nonetheless we have been hassling the corporation in many occasions in order to get a clarification of such an absurd and pernicious stance. Let us remember that BBC's sphere of influence is global and its partisan prevarications have a long time effect.

Needless to say also that nearly 2.000 people disseminated in more than 55 countries [members of the NGO I chair] are sending you the kindest of messages for your help towards our cause.

Yours faithfully,

Aleksander Boyd

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