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Hugo Chavez, Venezuela and the leftist critique.

By Aleksander Boyd

London 23.01.04 – Years ago there was a television programme in Venezuela called “Joselo”, the main actor was of course Jose Diaz, commonly known as Joselo. To be frank it was quite fun to watch. One of his best impersonations was “El Guabino.” This character was a very humble peasant from the “Llanos” or flat lands of the country. Generally speaking dwellers of those areas are incredibly friendly, out going, generous in sum great people to hang around with. One of the most commonly exploited characteristics of these people from a comical perspective is that they do not enter easily in heated discussions; they tend to laugh instead or simply play fool. What follows is an example of a typical conversation with one such person:

Me [M] Tell me Guabino, is it going to rain today?

Guabino [G] Nah is not going to…

[M] But I heard a lady passing by saying that it was going to…

[G] Yeah it will probably rain today.

[M] But the weather forecast predicted sunshine…

[G] That’s right the sun is going to shine…

As you should have gathered by now “El Guabino” never has his own opinion and if he does he never expresses it to displease not the interlocutor. When I read the hard headed acumen analyses on Venezuela of the international leftist gallery supporting Hugo Chavez I can not help but laugh at them pretty much the same way I used to laugh with “El Guabino” for all they do is to repeat time and time again whatever nonsense the Venezuelan President wishes to utter. Examples abound. One of the best ones is the Bolivarian University providing free education to youngsters from deprived backgrounds. This arguments falls in the camp of sheer stupidity; Venezuelan universities [most of them] are free, were free before Chavez’ crowning and have been free since inaugurated. This of course is conveniently obviated by the “Guabino troop” at the service of the regime.

Another great line is “PDVSA was recovered from the evil hands of former technocrats, whom were willing to cede control of the industry to Big Oil in America, to be put at the service of the people of Venezuela.” This one cracks me up. Who buys Venezuelan oil if not America? Where the windfall of petrodollars is coming from? Why has PDVSA being turned into the milk cow of the revolution? If foreign oil companies are so despicable in the eyes of the Caviar Gauche, why is Hugo Chavez so intent in forging alliances with them and more contradictorily still so desperate in convincing the US administration that PDVSA is a reliable oil supplier? Lastly, who will buy Venezuela’s oil if America turns its back on Chavez, Fidel Castro perhaps or Ignacio Ramonet?

We have witnessed how the President has “requested” the international reserves of the country, we have witnessed the absolute destruction of PDVSA, we have seen the internal debt grow disproportionately to levels that are unmanageable, unemployment has increased and so have poverty levels, extra judicial assassinations, crime, corruption and civil unrest. Yet the “Guabinos” would have you believe that the entirety of the catastrophe is to be attributable to the opposition or the oligarchs or the Church whom by the way have no control over governmental institutions, economic policies, legislation or the judiciary whatsoever. Absolute power rests in the hands of Hugo Chavez, he speaks and the “Guabinos” follow. How can these people be taken seriously? We all know that they have not got thoughts of their own, moreover to enter into arguments of any sort with them is as futile as trying to explain Einstein's relativity theory to a deaf person.

Hugo Chavez [HC] Cońo la revolucion avanza!!

Guabino Troop [GT] Si, si la revolucion avanza…

[HC] Aunque algunos por alli se quejan como cochinos de que la vaina esta jodida.

[GT] Como cochinos si…

[HC] Ellos como que se han dado cuenta que esta revolucion no la para nadie!

[GT] No se han dado cuenta no…

[HC] Por ahi me entrego Tobias unos informes, un poco de numeros ahi. Dizque la economia esta jodida y la deuda interna nos esta matando…

[GT] Nos esta matando si…

[HC] Pero Fidel me dijo; que cosa mas grande esta Venezuela!

[GT] Grande es si…

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