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Prosecutor of the ICC met with victims from Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 21.01.04 – The General Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court [ICC] met this Monday in The Hague with victims of the April 11 2002 massacre in Venezuela. Mr Luis Moreno Ocando conversed for two hours with victims, their relatives and legal advisors of the events that prompted the lawsuit for crimes against humanity against President Hugo Chavez and 22 of his closest aides.

Mr Moreno Ocando showed interest in learning about the involvement of the Venezuelan army and Chavez’ Bolivarian Circles in the assassination of 19 people which took place during the peaceful protest of April 2002 and posterior rallies.

Mr Antonio Rosich, member of the team of legal representatives of the victims, informed El Universal that the meeting was “an informal gathering to meet the ICC’s Prosecutor and to explain to him the reasons that made part of the consideration by the lawyers to file the lawsuit for crimes against humanity and more importantly to express concerns for the involvement of high ranking officials of the Chavez’ administration including the President.”

Mohammad Merhi and other relatives of the victims had the chance to expose their views to Mr Moreno Ocando and they also handed in the dossier containing the decision of the Spanish National Audience, which deemed the case to be transferred to the ICC. The victims had the opportunity to ask for justice to be made expressed Mr Rosich.

The Prosecutor listened carefully to all the arguments, refraining from opining on the issue and stated his firm stance to carry on with his investigative duties in a very institutional manner.

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