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Condoleezza Rice: refrain yourself from speaking of Venezuela!!

By Aleksander Boyd

London [12.01.04] – Can you not see that Danny Glover is talking? How do you dare to utter words of constitutional respect? Are Venezuelans not living in a paradise land ruled by the most benign, pro-active and forward-thinker of the Americas since Simon Bolivar? Silence!! Let us hear the sage words of Mr Glover on the struggle of African-Venezuelans in Venezuela.

I felt the need to come out of my self-imposed ban to comment on some issues. It appears that everyone is quite pissed owing to the visit of the third tier Hollywood actor to Venezuela. Why should we give a flying fu*** about this loser anyway? Who gives a shit about what he thinks? What audiences is he to manipulate in Chavez’ favour?

The issue of the Central Bank and the president’s attempt to nick 1 $billion should have us way more upset and interested than the verbal diarrhoea that “el negro Glover” would produce once he lands safely in the US. I have taken the risk of calling him that way for one simple reason; that is in my country not one single black person would take offence by that, since he is so intent in learning about the living conditions of his Venezuelan brothers, perhaps they could teach him a thing or two about not carrying a truckload of crap on his shoulder.

Hugo Chavez wants 1 $billion from the Central Bank for agricultural projects. He wants to start now ransacking the international reserves of the country. For a clear-cut explanation of such an absurd act, I urge the readers of this site to visit Francisco Toro’s blog. Interesting also to see how silent the chavista team of apologists have been on the subject. Surely Roy Carson, of the “pro-governance” site that is being sponsored by PDVSA, has something up his sleeve in this respect. Mind you I wonder what’s the gain for PDVSA to invest in such a site.

If the Venezuelan president wants a billion dollars for his agricultural projects, why he does not call on his adoptive father -a.k.a. Fidel Castro- to fork out the payment that Cuba owes Venezuela for oil received which is close to 1 $billion? Bizarre indeed.

On a different aspect we have now the National Electoral Council stating that the elections for Governors and Mayors will be in August. Such a masterstroke, some people call it “dividi et vinci”, that may be the single most important action that the Castro brothers and Colombian guerrilla leaders wrote on the “to do” list given to Chavez in La Orchila recently.

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