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Venezuela's Hugo Chavez outclasses Hugo Chavez

By Miguel Octavio

(January 07, 2004) I thought I had heard everything until Humberto (thanks, I also borrowed some of your comments!) pointed out these words today by Chavez in the same speech as in the one in he threatened to intervene the Venezuelan Central Bank. With these words it seems like this time Hugo Chavez has actually managed to out -Chavez himself.:

“We are overwhelmed by common thievery, subversion, contra-subversion, paramilitary forces, drug traffickers, all of that comes from Colombia, that was not born here and it has impacted us a lot”

Where should I begin? In one single and short sentence, and unless the Ministry of Foreign Relations issues a press release saying these words have been taken out of context, Hugo Chávez has managed to:

- Insult Colombians.

- Attack the concept of a single Bolivarian continent, which he previously praised.

- Make one of the most xenophobic statements ever made by a Venezuelan President.

- Blame the incompetence on his Government on another country.

- Shift the blame from poverty for our problems, to the citizens of another country.

- Ignore who is the one that has been careless about the border, including the protection of some of the people he mentions.

- Complete a sentence without blaming the local oligarchs for something.

- Outdone himself.

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