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placeholder offers Search Engine Optimization Services

By Aleksander Boyd

In view of the recent crash that my computer suffered, I have decided to somewhat finance my activities offering my services as a search engine optimiser. It may sound awkward but having established this site as a worldwide reference for certain part of the English web community interested in issues affecting my beloved nation [Venezuela], I reckon the best way to maintain this site in dire times -such as these- is not by calling out asking for charity money but rather to earn whatever funds might come this way by giving something in return.

Some of you may have realised the evolution of this site. When I started a bit over a year ago, I did so in a rather unknowing and na´ve fashion. Adrian Bonet designed the site and slowly eased me into the realm of internet. Little I knew then of the power of this tool, having being a complete ignorant of computer things up until that time. J. B. has also been a guiding light all along, his knowledge and advice invaluable. Today -seems incredible after such a short period of time- this site ranks at the top of any search related to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez in the major search engines of the net. No small feat for someone who bought his first PC 14 months ago!!

That is the real power of internet, anyone anywhere can come up with a website and challenge the establishment, the rules are indeed there are no rules. Had someone told me a year ago "you are going to develop a site which will beat in the the natural search rankings conglomerates such as the BBC -just to name one- I would have cracked up". However, a year down the line here we are, we have grown stronger and savy when it comes to raise our issues notwithstanding with the often nonsensical editorial line of established media outlets.

A man's got to live, therefore I want to offer my services as a search engine optimiser. The knowledge acquired is of great relevance and limit not to informational sites, commercial, recreational or others could benefit from our experience. Design and software configuration, keyword selection, registration and webmaster services are offered as well upon request. Send an email with your internet requirements and we will be delighted to place your site at the top, just as we have done with this one!!

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