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Castro in Venezuela: what’s the score this time?

By Aleksander Boyd

London (23.12.03) – Revolutions don’t bend to organized fascist, elitist and coup-mongering opposition groups, revolutions don’t recourse to electoral challenges, and revolutions don’t participate in the democratic game. How can then be interpreted the recent visit -surrounded by utmost secrecy- of Cuban dictator to his Venezuelan protégé?

How about the venue? La Orchila is an island off the coast of the country, Chavez’ apologists have keenly used the argument that Chavez himself was “taken prisoner to an unknown destination…” during his ousting last year. Rumours abound about the use that former dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez gave to the island. Allegedly he had it as a retreat perfectly suited for all sorts of bacchanalian parties. Subsequent presidents and leaders of AD and COPEI took also advantage of the paradisiacal island to engage in sybarite activities.

Hugo Chavez has used it as well for the same purposes. In 1.999 whilst the mudslides were wreaking havoc, bringing a sudden death to more than 25.000 people in Vargas state, Chavez and his mates were indulging themselves with single malt celebrating the approval via referendum of the new constitution.

An ordinary Venezuelan citizen can not go to that island for especial permits need to be obtained from the army. Yet Fidel Castro, whom was to visit the country to check upon the advances of literacy and medical programs carried on by his envoys, arrived in La Orchila for ultra secret talks with his Venezuelan counterpart. He did not set foot in the mainland, where “Mision Robinson” and “Plan Barrio Adentro” have been implemented.

Purportedly 100.000 BPD of Venezuelan oil are finding their way to Cuba daily. Castro is not paying for any of it, of course, for it represents the gratitude of Chavez for much needed advice akin to his permanence in power. One can only wonder what has been the score of such “State talks”. However without being clairvoyant it can easily be argued that Hugo Chavez is dreading for the worse, constitutional impossibility to avoid the recall referendum that is.

Many of the readers of this site keep pounding about the pro-American, pro-Bush approach of the opposition; they truly believe, quite rightly, that it is a revolting, amoral and stateless characteristic that will surely result in the ceding away of the control of the country. But they do not speak about the influence and leverage of Fidel Castro in the politics of Venezuela, which begs for the question; what is the real difference between George Bush and Fidel Castro? Why is it that is morally wrong and very questionable to sell the country to the yanks but it is not to do so to the Cubans? Can any rightful thinking person deny that Castro and Bush have a common not-vested-at-all interest in Venezuela which is our oil? Will Castro’ revolution survive once all that money and oil stops arriving at his shores? Can anyone imagine the reaction of the anal leftists had Chavez sent oil for free to Bush?

To my humble opinion Castro and Bush pertain to the same family of beasts, they are both utterly despicable, they are both bent to their own personal agendas and from a patriotic viewpoint they both represent a danger to my nation; pity that Chavez and his supporters can not realize that.

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