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Opposition obtains sufficient signatures to revoke Hugo Chavez' hard line in Parliament

Caracas, December 3, 2003 (PAIPrensa).- Venezuela's Democratic Coordinator Coalition announced that sufficient signatures to revoke 27 of the 33 government congressmen were collected. Among them, those hard liners and staunch supporters of Chávez, as the president of the National Assembly, Francisco Ameliach.

Henry Ramos Allup, member of the G-5 and secretary general of Acción Democrática, the political party which decided to petition the recall referendums against government's congressmen, was the speaker for the opposition coalition and pointed out that this report “is not final” because the signature sheets from other parts of the country have not yet been
counted; thus, leaving open the hope for a larger number of signatures.

According to the opposition numbers among those subject of being revoked, other than the president of parliament, stand out second in command of the government’s parliamentary fraction Nicolás Maduro and other emblematic government congressmen such as, Pedro Carreño, Iris Varela, Luis Tascón, Tarek Wiliam Saab and Calixto Ortega.

The opposition shall submit, in a single delivery, all the collected signatures during the four days following the conclusion of El Reafirmazo before the National Electoral Council, as announced by Ramos Allup, who also said that the Democratic Coordinator Coalition has established a series of popular and civic activities on course to the recall referendum, which shall take place without disruptions and without falling prey of provocations from the Government, who insists on invalidating the process.


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